The Italian Air Force Museum

Vigna di Valle

The Italian Air Force Museum is situated in the old seaplane station of Vigna di Valle, the oldest in Italy, located on the south shores of Lake Bracciano where in 1904 the first Experimental Aviation Yard was established in accordance with the wishes of Major Maurizio MORIS of the Corps of Engineers and the acknowledged father of Italian Aviation.

Here, in 1908, the first Italian Military Airship, the N1, the work of two engineers, Gaetano Arturo CROCCO and Ottavio RICALDONI, lifted off. The Museum, built by the Italian Air Force as a worthy home for the rich heritage of Italian Aviation, is set amongst the buildings and structures of the seaplane base, today the only site of this kind where the typical architecture of an Aviation centre that evolved from the birth of aviation to the 1960’s are preserved intact.

It is divided into four large hangars that are used as exhibit halls, housing over sixty aircraft and a vast collection of engines as well as mementos of all types that tell, in chronological order, the history of military flying in Italy and of the men who lived it and shaped it.

In the Troster Hall, the first hall off the museum, it is the only one left of a series of buildings going back to the First War War (1915-1918) which Austria passed to Italy as war reparations. It has been at Vigna di Valle since then. On the right of the hall as the visitor enters is the oldest historical object displayed in the museum - Colonel Garnerin’s hot air balloon dating back to 1804. Located in this hall are the areas dedicated to the Pioneers of Aviation (the Dawning of Aviation in Italy) 1906-1909, the Libyan war with the 1911 Blériot aircraft that took part in it and the First World War section with the SPAD, SVA and Caproni aircraft. An interesting aircraft from the 1920’s, the Ansaldo Fighter No 2, is also on display.

Atomic bom replica 51-1640 F-84F 51-1640 F-84F
In the VELO Hangar, so called because it was built by the Velo Company. The VELO hall, measuring about 2,700 square meters, provides space for the sectors dedicated to the Polar Flights of Gen. NOBILE (1926 -1928); to the Great Flights in Mass Formation (1928-1933), the epic of the Schneider Trophy, the High Speed Unit at Desenzano del Garda (1925-1934) and the airplanes of the first period of W.W.II. Two large display cases show the flight formation in miniature just as it was in those momentous days. Moving on, the aircraft of the 1930’s, among them the fighter mythical FIAT C.R.32 fighter, famous for its role in the Spanish Civil War and the East African Campaign. Then there is the Ca.100, the C.R. 42, the Campini-Caproni C.C.2 prototype, the Macchi MC.200 fighter and the Nardi F.N.305.

68-10369 MH-53M

68-10369 MH-53M

68-10369 MH-53M

The Badoni Hall, renovated and returned to its former glory. This is the third of the Museum's Halls and a classic example of a building in iron of the 1930's. Sixty metres by sixty metres in size, it is made up of spans hinged together in pairs which rise up to the roof 18 metres high.
The Padiglione “Badoni” (from the company which built it in 1930), was used until 1959 by the 84th Gruppo’s CANT Z. 506S, when the squadron received the Grumman HU-16 and moved to Ciampino. An “Albatros” is currently displayed outside this hangar. In it are Aircraft covering the Second World War and the great historic aircraft of the flying boat era. one eye catcher is a DC-3 used for transportation and Radio Calibration tasks.
59-1743 JJ F-105D 68-10369 MH-53M 68-10369 MH-53M  
The Padiglione “Skema” is a hangar that was built by the Skema company and was opened in 1986.This last hall with its 4,200 square metres of space over two levels houses the aircraft used by the Italian Air Force from the 1950s up to the modern jets. There is a significant number of the first jet propelled aircraft used by Italian pilots in the 1950s (the Vampire, the F-84G, F-84F, RF-84F, F-86E and the F-86K) and the very Italian G.91 in its various versions which are on display in the annexe. The same hanger also houses a collection of helicopters
58-0191 B-52G 58-0191 B-52G Its a full house
This museum is well worth the visit , is it not for the wonderful collection, Then the surroundings of the city and Lake Bracciano are. It is also accessible by train from Rome
Don't forget that the museum, which is free, is closed on Mondays, otherwise it is open all year round.

- IMAM Ro37   Museum - stored
- IMAM Ro41   Museum
BL246 Bleriot XI -2 maybe BL160 Museum
C.1-328 Hispano HA.132 L 3-6, ex EdA Museum
KK437 Fairchild Argus III I-FAMA Museum
L-112 Savoia Marchetti SM.79 bis as 'MM24327', ex Lebanese AF,  Museum
L-127 Lohner L-1 ex Lebanese AF Museum
MK805 Supermarine Spitfire FIX   Museum
MM100028 CVV6   Museum
MM100042 CVV6   Museum - stored
MM105 Macchi M.67 10 Museum
MM1135 IMAM Ro37   Museum - stored
MM1208 Ansaldo AC2 94-6,  Museum
MM12882 Fiesler Fi.156 C-3 20, G-FIST,  Museum
MM130 Fiat C.29 130bis,  Museum
MM136556 Grumman Tracker S-2A 41-6,  Museum
MM148295 Grumman Tracker S-2A cockpit only, 41-35,  Museum
MM181 Macchi Castoldi MC.72 181 Museum
MM27050 IMAM Ro43   Restoration
MM290 Fiat G-50 bis   Museum - stored
MM4323 NA Mustang P 51D RR-11,  Museum
MM45425 Cant Z.506 B 84-4, , marked as 'MM45442' Museum
MM4653 Republic Thunderbolt P-47D 51-19,  Museum - stored
MM487 Caproni Campini CC1 1 Museum
MM488 Caproni Campini CC1   Museum - stored
MM50-179 Grumman Albatross HU-16A 15-5,  Museum
MM51-11049 Republic Thunderjet F-84G 51-18,  Museum - Stored
MM52-7458 Republic Thunderflash RF-84F 3-05,  Museum - Stored
MM52757 Nardi FN.305 3, I-DASM Museum
MM52848 Stinson Sentinel L-5 S-2.2, I-AEEU Museum
MM53-5594 Lockheed Shooting Star T-33A 9-35, 35594 Museum
MM53-6892 Republic Thunderstreak F 84F 36-38,  Museum - stored
MM53058 Macchi MB.308 SG-8, I -GORI Museum
MM53265 Fiat G-59 4A 5 Museum
MM53276 Fiat G-59 -4B   Museum
MM53283 Fiat G-46 4B   Museum - stored
MM53286 Fiat G-46 4A   Museum - stored
MM53762 Macchi M.416 AA-48, I-AELY,  Museum
MM53882 Fiat G-80 -3B RS-22,  Museum
MM54097 NA Texan T-6G RR-67,  Museum
MM54389 Aermacchi MB.326 E   Museum
MM554 Macchi MB.323 RS-10,  Museum
MM555 Piaggio P.150   Museum - stored
MM558 Ambrosini S7   Museum
MM561 Aerfer Sagittario 2   Museum - stored
MM569 Aerfer Ariete   Museum
MM6085 DH Vampire FB52A   Museum - stored
MM61187 Savoia Marchetti SM.82 PW ZR-89,  Museum
MM6152 DH Vampire NF.54   Museum
MM61776 Douglas Dakota C-47A 14-45,  Museum
MM61804 Fiat G-212 CA 142-5,  Museum
MM61933 Piaggio P.166 ML1 53-34,  Museum
MM61961 Piaggio PD.808 GE1   Museum
MM6250 Fiat G-91 PAN 9 Museum
MM6280 Fiat G-91 R/1 2-33,  Museum
MM6344 Fiat G-91 T/1 32-44,  Museum
MM6501 Lockheed Starfighter F-104G 3-11,  Museum
MM6741 Lockheed Starfighter F-104S-ASA Cockpit only, 9-51 Museum
MM6959 Fiat G-91 Y 8-66,  Museum
MM76 Macchi M.39 II II,  Museum
MM80113 Bell 47 G-2 12 Museum
MM80187 Bell 47 J SE-38,  Museum
MM80357 Agusta Bell AB.204 B   Museum - stored
MM8307 Macchi MC.200 369-1, as 'MM5311' Museum
MM9546 Macchi C.205 V 97-2, as 'MM9345' Museum
MM9667 Macchi C.202 T-AS 73-7,  Museum
S.1383 SPAD VII C1 S.153,  Museum
S.1420 SPAD VII C.1   Museum
XB915 Canadair Sabre F4 13-1, MM19792 Museum
ZE836 Panavia Tornado F3 36-12, MM7210 Museum
2539 Fiat CR.42 as 'MM5643', ex SweAF Museum
11721 Ansalso SVA5 1 Museum
19309 Hanriot HD.1 76,as '515' Museum
23174 Caproni Ca.33   Museum