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F-104J “Eiko” with the JASDF

Units of the JASDF flying F-104J “Eiko” ;

201st Hikotai, 2nd Kokudan, Chitose Air Base, Oct 1963 to 1975
202nd Hikotai, 5th Kokudan, Nyutabaru Air Base, 1964 to 1982
203rd Hikotai, 2nd Kokudan, Komatsu Air Base, 1964 to 1984
204th Hikotai, 5th Kokudan, Tsuiki Air Base, 1964 to 1984
205th Hikotai, 6th Kokudan, Komatsu Air Base, 1965 to 1981
206th Hikotai, 7th Kokudan, Hyakuri Air Base, 1965 to 1978
207th Hikotai, 7th Kokudan, Hyakuri Air Base, 1966 to 1972
Naha Air Base, to 1986 Air proving wing ,Gift Air Base 1962 to 1986 UF-104,Iwo Jima 1992 to 19997

On November of 1960, the Japanese government announced that it would acquire the Starfighters as its standard air superiority fighter.  An industrial cartel headed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was given the responsibility for the license manufacture of the Starfighter in Japan.  At first, the Japanese Starfighter would be assembled in Japan from Lockheed-supplied components, but ultimately the Starfighter would be built in Japan entirely from Japanese-manufactured components.

The Japanese Starfighter was given the designation F-104J, the J standing for Japan.  It was similar in overall structure to the F-104G, but was equipped as an all-weather interceptor rather than as an air-to-ground strike aircraft.  One of the reasons for the choice of this option was that treaty restrictions at the time prevented Japan from acquiring any aircraft which had even a hint of an offensive role. 

The F-104J was powered by a Japanese-built J79-IHI-11A engine built under license by Ishikawajima-Harima.  It had an Automatics NASARR F-15J-31 fire control system optimised for the air-to-air mode, and was armed with a 20-mm M61A1 cannon and four AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, two mounted under the wing and two carried on a rack on the fuselage centreline. 

The first Lockheed-built F-104J (Model 683-07-14) flew on June 30, 1961.  Three F-104Js were built by Lockheed.  Deliveries of Mitsubishi-assembled F-104Js extended from March of 1962 through March of 1965, a total of 29 machines being delivered.  The delivery of Mitsubishi-manufactured F-104Js extended from March of 1965 through 1967.  A total of 178 F-104Js were constructed Mitsubishi. 

The F-104DJ (Model 583B-10-17) was the two-seat trainer version of the F-104J for Japan.  They had electronics and other items that were compatible with those of the single-seat version.  Twenty examples were built by Lockheed and reassembled in Japan between July of 1962 and January 1964.  No F-104DJ two-seaters were constructed by Mitsubishi 

The F-104J entered with the Koku Jietai (Japanese Air Self Defence Force, or JASDF) in October of 1966.  The first JASDF units to convert to the F-104J were the 201st and 202nd Fighter Interceptor Squadrons (Hiko-tais) based at Chitose and Nyutabaru.  The two hundred and ten F-104Js and the twenty F-104DJ operational trainers were used exclusively in the interceptor role by seven Hiko-tais (the 201st to 207th) of the Koku Jieitai. 

Beginning in December of 1981, the Japanese Starfighters were replaced by Mitsubishi-built F-15J/F-15DJ Eagles.  The last JASDF F-104J was retired by the 207th Hiko-tai in March of 1986.

After the retirement from the front line operation, some F-104s were used by ADTW(Air Development and Testing Wing) for miscellaneous duties such as chaser plane.

The last duties for JASDF F-104J were to be unmanned target drones. Two F-104Js were modified to UF-104J experimental drones and tested by ADTW. After that, 14 Starfighters converted to UF-104JA target drone and all of them were shot down at firing range located near Iwo-Jima.


Serial Type CN Unit Status Comment PreviousID
26-5001 F-104DJ 583B-5401   Press Fukushima Prefecture 
26-5002 F-104DJ 583B-5402        
26-5003 F-104DJ 583B-5403 To Taiwan as 4591      
26-5004 F-104DJ 583B-5404 To Taiwan as 4592      
26-5005 F-104DJ 583B-5405   Press Fukushima Prefecture 
26-5006 F-104DJ 583B-5406 To Taiwan as 4593      
26-5007 F-104DJ 583B-5407   Press Kawaguchiko automobile museum
46-5008 F-104DJ 583B-5408        
46-5009 F-104DJ 583B-5409     Coffee shop Avion(Yokohama-city,Kanagawa-pref.)
26-5010 F-104J 583B-5410 To Taiwan      
36-5011 F-104J 583B-5411        
36-5012 F-104J 583B-5412   Instr Teaching Material:Sojo University(Kumamoto-city,Kumamoto-pref.)
36-5013 F-104J 583B-5413        
36-5014 F-104J 583B-5414 To Taiwan as 4594      
36-5015 F-104J 583B-5415 To Taiwan as 4595      
36-5016 F-104J 583B-5416        
36-5017 F-104J 583B-5417        
36-5018 F-104J 583B-5418   Press General sports park(Shirokawa-town,Ehime-pref.)
36-5019 F-104J 583B-5419   Press    
46-5020 F-104J 583B-5420     Komaki air base
26-8501 F-104J 683B-3001   w/o 19-10-1965    
26-8502 F-104J 683B-3002 To Taiwan as 4518      
26-8503 F-104J 683B-3003 To Taiwan as 4510      
26-8504 F-104J 683B-3004   w/o 04-10-1963    
26-8505 F-104J 683B-3005   w/o 19-07-1972    
26-8506 F-104J 683B-3006   Press Cafe Hikohjyo (front fuselage) 
26-8507 F-104J 683B-3007   w/o 11-08-1981    
36-8508 F-104J 683B-3008 To Taiwan as 4509      
36-8509 F-104J 683B-3009 To Taiwan as 4512      
36-8510 F-104J 683B-3010   Press Preserved as display (Hokkaido-pref)
36-8511 F-104J 683B-3011        
36-8512 F-104J 683B-3012   w/o 20-07-1977    
36-8513 F-104J 683B-3013   w/o 01-09-1976    
36-8514 F-104J 683B-3014 To Taiwan as 4513      
36-8515 F-104J 683B-3015   Press Kakamigahara aerospace museum(Kakamigahara-city,gihu-pref.)
36-8516 F-104J 683B-3016        
36-8517 F-104J 683B-3017   Dumped Cafe Hikohjyo (fuselage)  
36-8518 F-104J 683B-3018        
36-8519 F-104J 683B-3019   w/o 19-05-1967    
36-8520 F-104J 683B-3020   w/o 26-07-1971    
36-8521 F-104J 683B-3021   w/o 08-04-1966    
36-8522 F-104J 683B-3022   w/o 25-10-1974    
36-8523 F-104J 683B-3023     Aichi  
36-8524 F-104J 683B-3024   Scrapped    
36-8525 F-104J 683B-3025   Scrapped    
36-8526 F-104J 683B-3026   Scrapped    
36-8527 F-104J 683B-3027        
36-8528 F-104J 683B-3028 To Taiwan as 4502      
36-8529 F-104J 683B-3029        
36-8530 F-104J 683B-3030   Press Farmers study center(Shariki-village,Aomori-pref.)Nomin Kenshu center
36-8531 F-104J 683B-3031 To Taiwan as 4503      
36-8532 F-104J 683B-3032   Press Kisarazu base JASDF
36-8533 F-104J 683B-3033   Scrapped    
36-8534 F-104J 683B-3034   w/o 31-05-1977    
36-8535 F-104J 683B-3035     Matsushima air base JASDF
36-8536 F-104J 683B-3036     Coffee shop Hikojo(Hamamatsu-city,Shizuoka-pref.)
36-8537 F-104J 683B-3037     Hofu-kita air base JASDF
36-8538 F-104J 683B-3038     Nyutabaru air base JASDF *at the Aviation reference hall nose only
46-8539 F-104J 683B-3039   Press Preserved Gifu   
36-8540 F-104J 683B-3040 To Taiwan as 4521      
36-8541 F-104J 683B-3041        
36-8542 F-104J 683B-3042   w/o 15-8-1973    
36-8543 F-104J 683B-3043   Press Naha air base JASDF
36-8544 F-104J 683B-3044   w/o 04-11-1968    
36-8545 F-104J 683B-3045     Tsuiki air base JASDF
36-8546 F-104J 683B-3046 To Taiwan as 4547      
36-8547 F-104J 683B-3047   w/o 03-10-1968    
36-8548 F-104J 683B-3048   Press Town ownership Sun green park(Kawamoto-town,Saitama-pref.)
36-8549 F-104J 683B-3049   Press Nemuro radar base JASDF
36-8550 F-104J 683B-3050   Press Tobetsu radar base JASDF
36-8551 F-104J 683B-3051   Press Town ownership familiar sport park(Chippubetsu-town,Hokkaido-pref.)
36-8552 F-104J 683B-3052 To Taiwan as 4504      
36-8553 F-104J 683B-3053        
36-8554 F-104J 683B-3054 To Taiwan      
36-8555 F-104J 683B-3055   Scrapped stored Gifu  
36-8556 F-104J 683B-3056   Press Tachikawa base JASDF(Higashi-Tachikawa post JGSDF) Tokyo Metropolitan
36-8557 F-104J 683B-3057        
36-8558 F-104J 683B-3058   w/o 27-08-1974    
36-8559 F-104J 683B-3059   Scrapped dumped 1983  
46-8560 F-104J 683B-3060 To Taiwan as 4506      
46-8561 F-104J 683B-3061   w/o 10-04-1978    
46-8562 F-104J 683B-3062   Press Ishikawa aviation plaza(Komatsu-city,Ishikawa-pref.)
46-8563 F-104J 683B-3063        
46-8564 F-104J 683B-3064   Instr Teaching Material:Japan Aviation Academy(Futaba-town,Yamanashi-pref.)
46-8565 F-104J 683B-3065        
46-8566 F-104J 683B-3066   w/o 27-09-1976    
46-8567 F-104J 683B-3067   Instr Teaching Material:Nippon Bunri University(Oita-city,Oita-pref.)
46-8568 F-104J 683B-3068   Press Town ownership Kotobuki park(Nakatonbetsu-town,Hokkaido-pref.)
46-8569 F-104J 683B-3069 To Taiwan as 4507      
46-8570 F-104J 683B-3070 To Taiwan as 4508      
46-8571 F-104J 683B-3071   Dumped Derelict:Daikeien(Ichikawa-city,Chiba-pref.)
46-8572 F-104J 683B-3072   Dumped Derelict; Okinawa ? Behind model shop
46-8573 F-104J 683B-3073   Press General sports park(Kanai-town,Niigata-pref.) sado
46-8574 F-104J 683B-3074   Press Chitose air base JASDF
46-8575 F-104J 683B-3075        
46-8576 F-104J 683B-3076 To Taiwan      
46-8577 F-104J 683B-3077 To Taiwan      
46-8578 F-104J 683B-3078   Press Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Mizuho factory(Mizuho-town,Tokyo-Metro.)
46-8579 F-104J 683B-3079        
46-8580 F-104J 683B-3080 To Taiwan      
46-8581 F-104J 683B-3081   Scrapped    
46-8582 F-104J 683B-3082 To Taiwan as 4511      
46-8583 F-104J 683B-3083   w/o 09-10-1964    
46-8584 F-104J 683B-3084   w/o 09-04-1973    
46-8585 F-104J 683B-3085   w/o 26-04-1976    
46-8586 F-104J 683B-3086   w/o 18-01-1965    
46-8587 F-104J 683B-3087   Scrapped    
46-8588 F-104J 683B-3088   w/o 12-05-1969    
46-8589 F-104J 683B-3089        
46-8590 F-104J 683B-3090        
46-8591 F-104J 683B-3091        
46-8592 F-104J 683B-3092        
46-8593 F-104J 683B-3093        
46-8594 F-104J 683B-3094   Press Coffee shop Avion(Yokohama-city,Kanagawa-pref.)
46-8595 F-104J 683B-3095   Scrapped    
46-8596 F-104J 683B-3096 To Taiwan as 4522      
46-8597 F-104J 683B-3097   w/o 17-05-1967    
46-8598 F-104J 683B-3098   w/o 04-04-1979    
46-8599 F-104J 683B-3099   w/o 25-10-1974    
46-8600 F-104J 683B-3100        
46-8601 F-104J 683B-3101   Scrapped    
46-8602 F-104J 683B-3102   Press Miho air base JASDF
46-8603 F-104J 683B-3103   Press Kasuga air base JASDF
46-8604 F-104J 683B-3104   Press Hamamatsu air base JASDF Cafe Hikohjyo (front fuselage) 
46-8605 F-104J 683B-3105   w/o 06-08-1969    
46-8606 F-104J 683B-3106        
46-8607 F-104J 683B-3107   Press Fukui University of Technology(Fukui-city,Fukui-pref.)
46-8608 F-104J 683B-3108   Press Village ownership Hijiri museum(Omi-village,Nagano-pref.)
46-8609 F-104J 683B-3109   Press National Defense Academy in Japan(Yokosuka-city,Kanagawa-pref.)
46-8610 F-104J 683B-3110   w/o 12-12-1967    
46-8611 F-104J 683B-3111 To Taiwan as 4505      
46-8612 F-104J 683B-3112 To Taiwan as 4501      
46-8613 F-104J 683B-3113        
46-8614 F-104J 683B-3114 To Taiwan       
46-8615 F-104J 683B-3115   w/o 09-11-1977    
46-8616 F-104J 683B-3116 To Taiwan as 4514      
46-8617 F-104J 683B-3117   Press Coffee shop Hikojo(Hamamatsu-city,Shizuoka-pref.) *It is written as "36-8517"
46-8618 F-104J 683B-3118 To Taiwan as 4515      
46-8619 F-104J 683B-3119 To Taiwan as 4516      
46-8620 F-104J 683B-3120   w/o 07-08-1985    
46-8621 F-104J 683B-3121        
46-8622 F-104J 683B-3122        
46-8623 F-104J 683B-3123        
46-8624 F-104J 683B-3124        
46-8625 F-104J 683B-3125        
46-8626 F-104J 683B-3126   w/o 23-5-1971    
46-8627 F-104J 683B-3127 To Taiwan as 4517      
46-8628 F-104J 683B-3128   Scrapped    
46-8629 F-104J 683B-3129        
46-8630 F-104J 683B-3130   Press Hyakuri air base JASDF
46-8631 F-104J 683B-3131        
46-8632 F-104J 683B-3132   w/o 21-10-1967    
46-8633 F-104J 683B-3133        
46-8634 F-104J 683B-3134 To Taiwan      
46-8635 F-104J 683B-3135        
46-8636 F-104J 683B-3136   Press Hofu-minami air base JASDF
46-8637 F-104J 683B-3137        
46-8638 F-104J 683B-3138   Press Preserved as display :Komatsu air base
46-8639 F-104J 683B-3139   Scrapped    
46-8640 F-104J 683B-3140        
46-8641 F-104J 683B-3141        
46-8642 F-104J 683B-3142   Press Chitose   
46-8643 F-104J 683B-3143   w/o 15-04-1965    
46-8644 F-104J 683B-3144        
46-8645 F-104J 683B-3145 To Taiwan as 4519      
46-8646 F-104J 683B-3146   Press Komatsu air base JASDF
46-8647 F-104J 683B-3147   Press Wajima radar base JASDF
46-8648 F-104J 683B-3148        
46-8649 F-104J 683B-3149        
46-8650 F-104J 683B-3150        
46-8651 F-104J 683B-3151   w/o 10-09-1974    
56-8651 F-104J 683B-3161        
46-8652 F-104J 683B-3152   Press Coffee shop Avion(Yokohama-city,Kanagawa-pref.) nose only
56-8653 F-104J 683B-3153   Scrapped    
46-8654 F-104J 683B-3154   Press Nyutabaru air base JASDF *It is written as "36-8535"
46-8655 F-104J 683B-3155        
46-8656 F-104J 683B-3156   w/o 30-04-1981    
46-8657 F-104J 683B-3157        
46-8658 F-104J 683B-3158        
56-8659 F-104J 683B-3159   Press Nara base JASDF
56-8660 F-104J 683B-3160   Scrapped    
56-8662 F-104J 683B-3162        
56-8663 F-104J 683B-3163   Press Fuchu base JASDF Tokyo Metropolitan
56-8664 F-104J 683B-3164   Press Ashiya air base JASDF
56-8665 F-104J 683B-3165   w/o 06-06-1973    
56-8666 F-104J 683B-3166   Press Iruma air base JASDF
56-8667 F-104J 683B-3167   w/o 31-05-1976    
56-8668 F-104J 683B-3168   w/o 29-06-1977    
56-8669 F-104J 683B-3169   Scrapped    
56-8670 F-104J 683B-3170   Press Gifu prefecture Hoyouken park
56-8671 F-104J 683B-3171   Scrapped    
56-8672 F-104J 683B-3172   Press Mitsubishi . Nagoya Aerospace Systems Warks Komaki-minami factory(Toyoyama-town,Aichi-pref.)
56-8673 F-104J 683B-3173        
56-8674 F-104J 683B-3174        
56-8675 F-104J 683B-3175   w/o 29-06-1977    
56-8676 F-104J 683B-3176   Scrapped    
56-8677 F-104J 683B-3177        
56-8678 F-104J 683B-3178   w/o 21-10-1967    
56-8679 F-104J 683B-3179   Scrapped    
56-8680 F-104J 683B-3180   w/o 09-10-1980    
76-8681 F-104J 683B-3181        
76-8682 F-104J 683B-3182        
76-8683 F-104J 683B-3183   Scrapped    
76-8684 F-104J 683B-3184   Scrapped    
76-8685 F-104J 683B-3185   Scrapped    
76-8686 F-104J 683B-3186   Press Preserved Gifu 10/04
76-8687 F-104J 683B-3187   Press Okayama Sky Garden(Okayama-city,Okayama-pref.)
76-8688 F-104J 683B-3188   Press Naha air base JASDF
76-8689 F-104J 683B-3189   Press Chitose air base JASDF
76-8690 F-104J 683B-3190        
76-8691 F-104J 683B-3191   w/o 08-02-1969    
76-8692 F-104J 683B-3192        
76-8693 F-104J 683B-3193   Press Hamamatsu air base Public-relations hall"Air Park" JASDF
76-8694 F-104J 683B-3194        
76-8695 F-104J 683B-3195   w/o 05-04-1971    
76-8696 F-104J 683B-3196   Press Shizuhama air base JASDF
76-8697 F-104J 683B-3197   Dumped Daikeien(Ichikawa-city,Chiba-pref.)
76-8698 F-104J 683B-3198   Press Hamamatsu air base Public-relations hall"Air Park" JASDF *It is painted as UF-104JA
76-8699 F-104J 683B-3199   Press Preserved: Misawa aviation & science museum
76-8700 F-104J 683B-3200        
76-8701 F-104J 683B-3201   w/o 20-12-1977    
76-8702 F-104J 683B-3202        
76-8703 F-104J 683B-3203   w/o 10-06-1980    
76-8704 F-104J 683B-3204   Press Kumagaya base JASDF
76-8705 F-104J 683B-3205   Press Fukushima Prefecture old care center 10/10/04
76-8706 F-104J 683B-3206   Press Nippon Land(Susono-city,Shizuoka-pref.)Nagoya Mitsubishi factory
76-8707 F-104J 683B-3207        
76-8708 F-104J 683B-3208        
76-8709 F-104J 683B-3209        
76-8710 F-104J 683B-3210   Instruc Teaching Material:College of Naka-nippon Aviation(Seki-city,Gifu-pref.)



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